Who I am?

the day it all started

The idea of ​​Simonetta Floral was planted in my head like a seed in the damp earth one spring morning.

I went for a walk very early, the sun had not yet risen and the street was very calm.

He was going aimlessly, but subconsciously, he knew it. I wanted to see the pitimini rose bush at the end of the street. In spring it is an explosion of roses and color.

How wonderful I thought. How beautiful are the roses and how good they smell!

Weeks later I returned to the same point and saw the rose bush, but without its flowers. This time my thought was formulated differently. I wish they were eternal!

It was at that moment that I unknowingly planted the seed of Simonetta.

Voila, naturally my interest began. First hunger to want to know about dried and preserved flowers. Then I long to get my hands on the flowers.

Why Simonetta?

The name of Simonetta comes from the most beautiful work of the master Sandro Botticelli -The birth of Venus. 

Botticelli met the young Simonetta and immediately fell in love with her beauty, becoming the muse of her works.

He described it as the most beautiful and indomitable flower in the garden. And thanks to his works he made it eternal.

For this reason, Simonetta Floral is, in essence, love; wild and eternal love.

I introduce myself

Behind Simonetta is me, Lorena, a lover of nature and passionate about craft creation.

I trained as an interior designer and graphic designer. Professions that have enhanced my most sensitive side in the face of creative aspects.

The world of flowers has never been alien to me. I have always felt an immense attraction for them, but I had relegated them to my list of hobbies.

 One morning it was clear to me, the only way to do a great job is to love what you do.

And here I am, covering life with flowers.