About Simonetta

no rain no flowers
BEHIND THE SCENE Simonetta is what moves us. It is illusion, work and love for nature. I am an unconditional lover of nature and artisanal creation.

My beginnings began as an interior designer and graphic designer. Professions that have enhanced my most sensitive and creative side.
simonetta LOVING UNCONDITIONALLY How did I end up surrounded by flowers? I have always felt an immense attraction to them.

Surrounding yourself with flowers is surrounding yourself with joy.

For this reason, I decided to undertake this project and make my passion my work. Or maybe it was the other way around.

The order doesn't matter, the important thing is that here I am covering life with happy flowers.
Isabel Allende
HABIA UNA VEZSimonetta Floral planted itself in my head one spring day.That's how it was, on any given day I was walking aimlessly, but unconsciously, I knew it. I wanted to see the rose bush at the end of the street.

It is not just any rose bush, it is a real Austin rose bush and in spring it is an explosion of petals and colour.

How wonderful I thought, how beautiful the roses are! Weeks later I came back and saw the rose bush, but without its flowers. I thought I wish they were forever!

It was at that moment that I planted the Simonetta seed.

My interest in dried and preserved flowers began naturally.

Today, flowers are my passion and profession.
Simonetta mostrando varios centros de mesa
THE BRANDSimonetta is born from the most beautiful love storyOf the impossible love of the artist Boticelli.

Botticelli met the young Simonetta and immediately fell in love with her beauty, becoming the muse of her works.

He described it as the most beautiful and indomitable flower in the garden. And thanks to his works he made it eternal.

For this reason, Simonetta Floral is essentially love; wild and eternal love.

Haz como las flores silvestres...
Permítete crecer en lugares en los que nunca creerías que lo harías